Post Graduate Men's Hostel

University of Delhi South Campus

Aravali Hostel Fees Structure

1. Fees On Admission:
Rs. 26,600/- (Rs. 5,000/- +Rs.15,000/- + Monthly Hostel Fee Rs.6,600 for three months (@Rs.2,200/- pm).

The following charges are payable by the residents at the time of admission:-

Sr.No Head Fee(Rs.)
1. Admission Fee 250
2. Medical Fee for the University Health Centre 240
3. Hostel Association Fee 500
4. Kitchen Wares Charges 360
5. Water Heating System maintenance Charge 550
6. Identity Card Fee 100
7. Establishment Charge 1,000
8. Recreation Centre 500
9. Garden Fee 300
10. Hostel Development Fund 1,200
11. Caution Money (refundable) 15,000

12. Health Insurance Cover for one year as per actual rate For Rs. 50,000/- based on age of the resident.

*The payment of Health Insurance is to be made in the form of bank draft, to be made in favour of the Insurance Company and information will be made available by Hostel Office in due course.

*The caution money may also be utilized for meeting defaults in respect of the payment of any fine or damage caused to the Hostel property.

*The caution money, if remain unclaimed for a period of six months, shall lapse and will remain in Hostel funds and no claim will be entertained thereafter.

2. Fees for Foreign Students
The foreign students admitted in this Hostel are required to pay US $ 100, equivalent to Indian Currency (Non-refundable) every year in addition to the usual Hostel fee at the time of admission or as per notification of University of Delhi from time to time.

3. Fees for Physical Handicapped students
The students with physical disabilities residing in different Hostels/Halls of the university shall be exempted from payments of all fees and charges except refundable caution fees and the mess fees. The person with physical disabilities shall pay 50% of the Mess fee and the remaining 50% of the Mess fee will be reimbursed to the Hostels concerned by the university.

4. Monthly Hostel Fees: Rs. 2200/-*

Sr.No Head Fee(Rs.)
1. Room rent 200
2. Upkeep and Maintenance charges 600
3. Electricity charges 900
4. Lawn Maintenance fee 200
5. Recreation Centre fee 200
6. Water charges 100
7. Mess dues (provisional) As per actual*

* The mess charges/menu during the month of May, June and July may change /vary because of less strength in the hostel.

1. The fees (Annual and Monthly) once paid are nonrefundable except the caution money. The caution money will be refunded by cheque /NEFT to the resident on leaving the hostel after he has cleared off all hostel and mess dues including the mess deficit, fines, penalties if any.
2. For keeping Air Cooler (Desert Cooler) in the room on permission for four months May, June, July & August, charges will be Rs. 300/- per room per month (Optional). In winter i.e. December, January and February electric blower or heat convector of 1KW can be used with a charge of Rs. 300/-per room per month. Electric heaters are not allowed in any circumstances.