Post Graduate Men's Hostel

University of Delhi South Campus

Rules of Residence in Aravali Hostel

1. No resident is allowed to shift from one room to another without prior written permission of the Warden / Provost. No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without prior written permission of hostel administration. No resident is allowed to take mess utensils/food out of the dining hall.

2. Joining of the hostel mess facility in voletaerly. A resident may choose to not avail the hostel mess facility for the entire session. Occasional joining/leaving of the hostel mess facility in not permitted.

3. The Hostel mess may/may not function during the summer vacation for those who are permitted in writing to stay in the hostel during the period. If the mess functions, the charges will be as per arrangement. No resident is allowed to take mess utensils/food out of the dining hall.

4. Residents must hand over the complete charge of their room before leaving the hostel at the end of the course and must obtain a clearance certificate from the hostel office. A copy/photocopy of clearance certificate is to be handed over to the Security Guard on duty before leaving the hostel premises. The Guard on duty should submit this copy to the Hostel Office for record.

5. Residents, who take up full-time jobs, discontinue their studies or research, or who have completed their Ph.D./M. Phil Programme in the middle of the session, shall inform the hostel office in writing and leave the hostel within one month clearing all dues.

6. Residents working on a temporary basis who continue to be bona fide students of a University/college may be allowed to stay in the hostel on payment of an amount as per rules. All such residents must inform the office immediately on getting the job.

7. Residents, who do not inform the hostel authorities in writing of their appointments and do not take his special permission to stay, will be charged penal rent of Rs. 2500/- per month from the date of their appointment.

8. Residents are not allowed to hand over the keys of their rooms to any person other than the hostel authorities.

9. Residents will not engage any unauthorized person for personal service in the hostel. No employee of the hostel will be engaged by the resident for his personal job.

10. Residents are expected to come to the Dining Hall, Common Room and visitor’s room properly dressed.

11. Every resident must inform the administration in writing about his absence from the hostel, if he stays out for more than 3 nights. He should also give the address at which he may be contacted. If necessary, in his absence the room of the resident will be double-locked and key of the hostel lock will be available with the security guard on duty.

12. In case any resident remains away from the Hostel for more than 3 days without informing the Hostel administration in writing, it will be presumed that he has left the hostel, and hostel administration reserves the right to take possession of the room and re-allot it to another student. The luggage of the resident concerned, if any, will be deposited in the store/any other room of the hostel. If the luggage is not claimed within two weeks, the Hostel administration may dispose it off in any manner considered suitable. A penal rent @ Rs. 25/- per day in addition to the normal charges for the period during which the luggage remains unclaimed shall be payable by the concerned person.

13. Admission shall be terminated in case of a student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by a department/college/hostel of the University of Delhi.

14. The room/s of resident/s shall be double-locked if at any given point of time hostel and mess dues outstanding (including late fees applicable) towards them exceed the amount of hostel and mess caution money.

15. Residents are:
(a) Required to use their locks and not to leave the room unlocked when they are not in their rooms, in order to safeguard their personal belongings against theft.
(b) They are not allowed to give their room keys to any unauthorized person.
(c) Required to keep their vehicle locked in earmarked place for parking.
(d) Residents are allowed to entertain their guests only in Visitor room from 9 am to 9 pm only. Violation of this rule may consider as misconduct.
(e) Recreation Centre will remain open from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

(f) Use of alcoholic drinks, narcotics and drugs are banned in the hostel.
Any resident or his guest found
(i) using alcoholic drinks or drugs in his room or
(ii) in the hostel premises or
(iii) allowing his room to be used for such purposes or is found under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs, shall be expelled from the hostel with immediate effect.
(g) Any of the hostel authorities has the right to enter the room of any resident at any time, if considered necessary or expedient.
(h) Resident are required to obtain ‘No Dues Certificate’ from hostel office at the time of taking admission ticket for their University examinations and for submission of M. Phil/Ph. D. thesis.

16. If a research student gets independent scholarship from agencies like DBT, CSIR, ICAR, UGC, ICMR, etc., under which resident is entitled for house rent allowance, he will have to pay HRA to the Aravali Post Graduate Men’s Hostel.

17. Hostel administration believes in managing the hostel with the active participation of residents. On the Annual Day Function of the hostel, the resident who contributes the most in the corporate life of the hostel, and at the same time found to be highly disciplined is awarded “Provost Trophy” as token of reward for his services.